Smalti Cattedrali

The processing with glazed enamel has very ancient origins but still today this technique retains great charm thanks to the play of lights and transparencies that enhance processing.

The collection “Cathedral Glazed Enamels” is silver-plated 925 ‰ in 24 carat gold with mother of pearl applications, pink, white and black.

The colors of glazes are chosen and matched depending on fashion, trends and interest markets.

This technique requires great expertise and skills by master artisans whose product is a bright delicate and extremely refined jewel recalling the windows of great Gothic Cathedrals.


The “Crochet” collection is so called because using a tool similar to crochet, different materials are joined together with a think silk thread.

The materials involved in the processing can be turquoise, coral of the Mediterranean, fresh water pearls, onyx, jade and semi-precious stones in addition to micro dots of fine Murano slides.

Rings are silver plated 925 ‰ in 24 carat gold and are adjustables. The pendants and bracelets have a steel base antiallergic nickel free on which processing will be carried to Crochet.

Piastre Cammei

The “Cammeo” is a jewel made through shell engraving.

It is the finest artisan jewel in the world whose processing takes place exclusively in Torre del Greco, Naples.

Traditionally, the cammeo refers to an idea of classic jewel. Today, thanks to original and extravagant engravings, even more modern jewels are realized with the camomeo.

Gaetano Vitiello Jewelry uses the cammeo in its top line: “Cammei Plates”. The collection includes earrings, pendants and bracelets in sterling silver 925‰ with satinized or shiny plates in different shapes.

Cammeos used for this collection are mostly unique pieces, unique and exclusive artworks. In this collection, modernity meets elegance by creating a jewel with a charme never seen before.