Piastre Cammei

The “Cammeo” is a jewel made through shell engraving.

It is the finest artisan jewel in the world whose processing takes place exclusively in Torre del Greco, Naples.

Traditionally, the cammeo refers to an idea of classic jewel. Today, thanks to original and extravagant engravings, even more modern jewels are realized with the camomeo.

Gaetano Vitiello Jewelry uses the cammeo in its top line: “Cammei Plates”. The collection includes earrings, pendants and bracelets in sterling silver 925‰ with satinized or shiny plates in different shapes.

Cammeos used for this collection are mostly unique pieces, unique and exclusive artworks. In this collection, modernity meets elegance by creating a jewel with a charme never seen before.